The Non Profit Organization

The Non Profit Organization “FLOW – Free Life, Open World” – accompanies and supports individuals, families and communities in processes that promote health, holistic learning and self-awareness.

The main pillars of our association are:

  • Responsible action for the benefit of all living beings
  • Equality of all people
  • Mutual appreciation
  • Peaceful lifestyle
  • Freedom through self-sufficiency & self-reflection
  • Promote innovation Developing the joy of life
  • Encounters in a context of trust

It imparts and researches knowledge and practices that serve to promote and maintain health and mental wellbeing.

It is dedicated to holistic learning processes and self-awareness through innovative research and educational projects in nature, craftsmanship, art, music and philosophy.

It researches and promotes innovative technologies to enable people to live a sustainable and healthy life through meaningful and environmentally friendly support from technology.

It creates peace through a holistic, joyful life in innovative communities.

The target group of the association are, of course, legal persons, families or other communities and organizations.